"Brandon is in his element behind a camera. He has a natural professionalism and ease to him that gains him much respect on and off the set. He was attentive, hard working, and possessed acting abilities that made me wish I had more roles for him. Brandon made friends with the cast and crew immediately, and had high energy levels and confidence on set. I was glad to have Brandon as part of our team, and I look forward to further productions with him." - Laura Kody, Producer

"As an actor, I have found that it can often be challenging to work with kids. Brandon, however, has a maturity and awareness about him on and off set that makes working with him a true pleasure. He is talented and professional; a gifted young actor who navigates himself around a film set with ease. Brandon and I hit it off right from the start and I look forward to working with him again soon." - Aaron Michael Reilly, Actor

"Again, I just want to say how much of a pleasure it was to work with Brandon on this film. Despite him feeling under the weather, he pushed through and gave a very impressive performance. The crew was very impressed with how professional Brandon was on set. You have raised a very talented, and well mannered young man. You should be very proud. - Anonymous, Producer

"Brandon is the greatest! I played it at my live show last night and the audience LOVE IT!! He totally stole the scenes and got all the laughs. I was really pleased with how the comedy skit came out. There were a bunch of perfect takes I could have chosen from. Thanks so much again. Please relay my gratitude to Brandon. He was really spectacular!" - David Angelo, Comedian

"Brandon was delightful to work with! I really think he's a goldmine of possibility and talent. He has so much going for him. His size will allow him to work well into his young adulthood and beyond. He's a great type and your flexibility will allow him to do even more. He's a good natural reader...and he CONNECTS with others well. I will go out on a limb and say, if you were out here (in LA) more, he would work A LOT!!"
- Diane Christensen, Acting Coach

"Brandon was wonderful to work with-good on camera, responsive to direction, and professional beyond his years. I'll be sure to recommend him for any future roles that may be good for him." - Ryan Crist, Director

"Thank you for all of your talent and hard work on the film. We all enjoyed having you on set and I hope to work with you again! You are a talented young man. Keep it up-I have confidence you'll go far." - Joshua Ogg, Director

"Well, I have excellent news! 'The Briefcase Paradigm' won the Take 1 Film Festival, receiving the prestigious Jury Award. This is just one more thing you can tack onto your growing resume. Again, thank you for all of your hard work-it looks as though it has paid off! Thank you so much for making this film possible." - Erin Cantelo, Director

"My first thoughts upon meeting Brandon were 'what a sweet, cute young man!' But after seeing him perform, I thought 'wow, what a talented young man!' I have never seen a young actor possess such an aptitude of talent as Brandon. What makes Brandon stand out is not only his talent, but his great personality and compassion for others that takes notice right away. This young man is making waves as a young actor and will definitely take Hollywood by storm." - Letitia Murray, Actress

"I had a great time directing Brandon. He was always receptive to what I had to say and even brought things to the role that made the film better. Everyone on set loved being around Brandon and I look forward to working with him again sometime in the future." - Jordan Londe, Director

"Brandon is a wonderful kid to work with. He is fun and outgoing, with a great attitude and personality for taking wonderful photos of." - Alexi Killmer, Photographer

"Thanks again for all of your time and hard work. Everyone in my class agreed-you have a look and a gift. I think you are going to be very successful. Brandon your performance in 'Mom's Open House' was really excellent!" - Elliot Dickerhoof, Director

"I have always enjoyed working with Brandon. He is very serious about getting 'that shot!' He asked me once when he was about 4 or 5 year old, 'what's my motivation in this shot?' and I was blown away with that. So we talked about it and we nailed some awesome stuff for his card. Always a pleasure Brandon, see you again soon!" -Howard Robinson, Photographer

"Working with Brandon at the Lyric Opera of Chicago was a delight. I enjoyed his energy and enthusiasm. We helped each other stay on track with our stage directions and cues. Brandon was terrific at remembering our musical cues and following the stage director's instructions. I'd gladly work with him again in a heartbeat. Keep up the good work, Brandon!" - Miriam Scott, Actor

"This is Eric Stolze, the curly haired AD from last summer's 'Red Lion' and 'Mom's Open House.' I'm writing to see if Brandon would like to be in a film that I'm directing. It should be really, really fun and I think Brandon would be awesome as Jack. I had a wonderful time getting to work with him last summer (though it always felt more like play than work) and to have him be a part of a movie that I'm directing-would be amazing! I hope that we can make this work because having you both be on set can only get me more excited about a project that I'm already psyched about!" - Eric Stolze, Director

"The character of "Hunter Riley" was a very difficult role to take on. I was certain during casting that Brandon was the ideal talent to bring Hunter to life. He always came to set with passion, enthusiasm, and an energy which is unmatchable. Overall, he is eager to work against obstacles and brave enough to take on any challenge. I foresee great success in Brandon's career as an actor." - Brian Palmert, Director

"Brandon is a very delightful and vivid child. He is not only gorgeous, but has a nice vulnerability that comes through in his acting. He has really good reactions because he is an excellent and present listener in his acting. Many adults don't even achieve this skill, so he is already ahead of the game. I so enjoyed having him in class."
-Deb Dion, L.A.Casting Director

"I have been blessed to be able to work with some of the sweetest kids in the industry. Brandon is definitely one of them! Not only is he incredibly talent, he is also warm, funny and so handsome! Brandon showed me his heart and soul. 'Gorgeous' Brandon, thank you for spending a fun afternoon with me! I had a blast! Hope to work with you again soon!" - Amanda Elkins, Photographer

"I adore Brandon. He is always so wonderful to work with! I think he is absolutely going to be huge...no doubt in my mind. Brandon is an amazing talent and such a classy young man." - Vanessa Florez, Event Promoter

"Brandon is very kind and respectful. He lights up on screen and has tons of charisma. I understand his arcs in his monologues and he is very sincere." - Joseph Kibler, Casting Director

"Brandon makes great choices & takes direction great. He is a great actor who is very smart." -Michael Sanford, Casting Director

"Brandon followed direction well & showed that he understood the character when he was asked to improvise. Something unique about Brandon was a vulnerable side that came out once he was freed from the sides!" -Beverlee G., Casting Director

"Brandon takes direction very well. He felt sweet and vulnerable." -JasmineJ., Casting Director

"Brandon focused on his character and portrayed the role with strong energy. Great dedication to the script. He is believable and natural in his delivery." -Nicki K., Casting Director